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1963 Land Rover Series IIA

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Long before it was turned into a model name, the thrill of discovery had become a fundamental piece of the Land Rover story. And while the English 4x4s have enjoyed a renaissance of popularity as of late, for every pristine one parked in a spotless garage there’s an old workhorse being chucked through the mud, used as intended. Basem Wasef falls into the latter camp; his 1963 Series IIA cleans up pretty nicely, but it looks much better fording than it does parked and polished. Early Land Rovers like this on

This 1993 GMC Typhoon Looks Brand New

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Of GMC’s two turbocharged early-1990s weather-event-themed monsters, the Syclone pickup is slightly more absurd. It was a truck that could outrun a Ferrari! But the Typhoon SUV shouldn’t be forgotten. It offered the same 4.3-liter, 280-hp turbocharged V6 in a package with room for two more passengers. And, let’s face it, two-door SUVs are just rad as hell.

Source: This 1993 GMC Typhoon Looks Brand New

This Rare Supercharged ’47 Ford Pickup Commands a Fortune

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Are they nuts? We definitely don’t think so! This truck happens to be one of the rarest and advanced vehicles built for its time…that’s right, we said it, a truck! According to Ford records, this truck is one of only 35 units ordered and built in 1947 equipped with a McCullough water-cooled supercharger and special carburetor.

Source: This Rare Supercharged ’47 Ford Pickup Commands a Fortune – Rod Authority