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Amazing compilation of most crazy and strange old trucks all time. Unusual and funny vintage trucks in the world. Weird and worst vintage trucks ever built 2017. Old vintage fire trucks. Unusual 4×4 trucks. Strange old semi trucks.

1963 Land Rover Series IIA

Old Truck News

Long before it was turned into a model name, the thrill of discovery had become a fundamental piece of the Land Rover story. And while the English 4x4s have enjoyed a renaissance of popularity as of late, for every pristine one parked in a spotless garage there’s an old workhorse being chucked through the mud, used as intended. Basem Wasef falls into the latter camp; his 1963 Series IIA cleans up pretty nicely, but it looks much better fording than it does parked and polished. Early Land Rovers like this on

Truck Week Daytona 2018

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The Daytona Truck meet was held at the Daytona international Speedway this year after being kicked out of the convention center from the previous year. Somehow things got just as rowdy as last year. Could it possibly be because they cancelled the burnout contest? We’ll never know. We do know that the VCSO wrote over 2000 tickets, many for excessive bumper height.

4-53T 2 stroke detroit diesel and 2 sticks shifting

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Transmissions are a 4 speed Muncie 465 and a 2-speed aux obtained from Advance Adaptors unknown model. . Engine is 212 cubic inch 170HP at 2500rpm 400lb torque at 1800rpm. Gets about 19 miles per gallon, weighs 6,720 pounds. I did not do the conversion so I am sorry that I cannot answer many questions regarding that.

Detroit Diesel Custom Twin Turbos that’s Rollin’ Coal in a chopped and bagged ’89 Chev pickup

Old Truck News

Come along for a ride as we’re rollin’ coal in a Custom 1989 Chevy Half Ton C 1500 pickup with a 453 Detroit Diesel, 900 ft. lbs torque, Custom Twin Turbos, Mack 20 speed Quadruplex transmission, full air ride suspension, six inch chop, and ore freighter horns.

1959 Ford F100- Rough Around the Edges Was Part of the Plan for this Diesel Powered Ride

Old Truck News

Most shop owners know creating a distinctive truck for their business is one of the best forms of marketing. Not only does it serve functional purposes such as hauling parts, transporting the crew, getting lunch, or returning you home at the end of a long day, it also acts as cost-effective advertising for the organization wherever it goes

Source: 1959 Ford F100- Rough Around the Edges Was Part of the Plan for this Diesel Powered Ride

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