Truck Week Daytona 2018

Old Truck News

The Daytona Truck meet was held at the Daytona international Speedway this year after being kicked out of the convention center from the previous year. Somehow things got just as rowdy as last year. Could it possibly be because they cancelled the burnout contest? We’ll never know. We do know that the VCSO wrote over 2000 tickets, many for excessive bumper height.

1973 AMC Jeep Wagoneer Commercial Promotional Film – Jackson Beck Voiceover

Old Truck News

Jackson Beck provides the voice over for this 1973 film. There’s a great explanation of Jeep’s QuadraTrack System with in this film. This is one of a number of Jeep Commercial Films I’ve collected over the years and have uploaded.

Springless Valvetrain for the Ford 4.6 V8 Engine

Old Truck News

Decuir Engine Technologies is unveiling its latest version of a springless valvetrain system for the popular Ford 4.6 liter V8 engine which is widely used on the Ford F-150 truck and Ford Mustang. This system uses no valvesprings and eliminates valve float, and increases horsepower.

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