Old truck gets new life

Old Truck News

The 1949 Chevrolet pickup that Myron Namken once dreamed of restoring is now pushing up petunias in the backyard of his Watertown home. But he doesn’t mind. He knows he could have been pushing up daisies.“It’s nothing less than a miracle that I’m alive,” said Namken. “I give all the credit to God because there’s no reason I shouldn’t have been dead.”

Source: Old truck gets new life | Local News | thepublicopinion.com

How U.S. Special Forces Get Their Armored Pickups

Old Truck News

U.S. special forces don’t just ride around in any old truck. Their vehicles, which may appear normal from the outside, are anything but. A new video shows how one company takes civilian pickup trucks and SUVs common in combat zones and turns them into undercover rides for the CIA, Delta Force, Navy SEALs, and other operators. The vehicles are stripped down and then built back up again with special mission equipment and up to a ton of armor plating, all of it nigh invisible to the untrained eye.

Source: How U.S. Special Forces Get Their Armored Pickups

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